Image of Pizza Friends Forever Pins Image of Pizza Friends Forever Pins

Pizza Friends Forever Pins

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  • Pepperoni - $12.00
  • Veggie - $12.00
  • Pineapple + Ham - $12.00
  • Half Veggie/Half Pineapple - $12.00
  • Half Veggie/Half Pepperoni - $12.00
  • Half Pineapple/Half Pepperoni - $12.00
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PFF pins (that means PIZZA FRIENDS FOREVER!)
There’s, like, at least one person in the world you’d share half of your pizza with, right? Or keep both, I don’t care, it’s your pizza.

Golden greasy enamel
Two in a pack, approximately 1.25 inches
your choice of toppings,
rubber pinback

Waterproof and ready to party.

Successfully Kickstarted in 2016 with the help of 106 backers